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$2,499 Surround Sound Package

Satellite Surround System Only $2,499  
Installation is Included!



  • Denondenon dealer
  • URC
  • KEF


Can you wait to finally sit down to watch your favorite movie or sports in a professional surround sound system?   This system is perfect for smaller TV rooms or condos.    It includes 5 very attractive satellite speakers and a easily hideable subwoofer.  Of course you want ease of control so it also includes a color universal remote control.  


Denon is one of the most popular names in receivers and there is a reason why.  Extremely reliable performance and great features at a great price.   This receiver gives you 75 watts of power on up to 7 channels.  It also has all of the latest sound codecs so you will be covered long into the future.   It also has 4 HDMI inputs and can control another zone / room of music. Yes it is 3D Capable

minneapolis surround sound system intro package


KEF is a name that is known for inovation and style.  These surround sound satellite speakers are very attractive to look at.  They are a beautiful piano black. Each centre and satellite speaker combines KEF’s 0.75-inch (19mm) tweeter and two 2-inch (50mm) low-frequency speakers, you can use the system with virtually any amplifier. Plus, the satellites are designed to allow horizontal or vertical wall mounting, or can be mounted on the optional floorstands – enabling you to position the speakers as you wish.


The subwoofer has a built-in 200W Class-D amplifier, and an impressive 8-inch (200mm) front-firing bass driver. Engineered to minimise distortion as meticulously as the rest of the KHT range, it adds depth and weight to music or movies.

Remote Control: Universal remote control

Color graphics, one touch operation and custom back up in an standalone remote? Meet the MX-450!

The affordable MX-450 is an exercise in cutting edge design combining extraordinary functionality with a beautiful color interface. Whether you are controlling one component or two dozen, the MX-450 keeps you in control. With three main pages that support up to 24 audio or video components your remote can expand with your home theater. Go beyond text and experience engaging graphical icons for devices, activities and popular favorite channels.

Professional Installation is Included:

  • Mounting of speakers
  • Hiding cables in the walls
  • Programming of your new universal remote
  • Calibrating your surround sound system
  • Up to 10 hours of professional labor included more may be purchased if extra work is desired.

Cables and Wire:

Our packages include high quality 3D ready HDMI Cables and 16 guage speaker in wall rated wires. 

Popular Add Ons:

  • RF extender - allows equipment to be hidden in cabinet or closet    $149
  • 2nd Room of Speakers - add speakers to another room $299 plus additional labor and wire (varies on house layout)
  • Blu-ray player - ($150-$250)

Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation to discuss this package:

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Mix and Match?

Would you like to add some features from another package or create a system within a different budget, of course we can do that.   We want to create a system that is especially designed for your room, budget, and that you will love to use.  We look forward to talking with you about this during your free in- home Consultation.

Intro Surround Sound System Comparison Chart:



gold_icon_copy.jpg plat_icon_copy.jpg
Learn More More Info More Info More Info
Receiver Denon 525 Watts Denon 630 Watts Denon 735 Watts
Speaker Brand


PSB In-wall
PSB 3 Way In-wall
& In-Ceiling
Subwoofer KEF 200 Watt Sunfire 400W

Sunfire 1000W

Remote Control Yes Color Screen Yes: Control4 Yes Control4
Home Automation No Includes basic controler Includes basic controler and 4 automated dimmers for lights.
Control with iPhone / iPad Upgradeable Upgradeable Yes Included
Streams iTunes Upgradeable Yes Yes
Streams Internet Radio Upgradeable Yes Yes
Streams Netflix Upgradeable Yes Yes
Professional Installation

Yes up go 12 Hours,
includes hiding wires,
receiver calibration and more

Yes up go 16 Hours,
includes hiding wires,
receiver calibration, networking,
automation programming and more

Yes up 25 Hours,
includes hiding wires,
receiver calibration, networking, automation programming, and more

HDMI wires included

Yes 1.4 3D Ready 3 6ft'
1 20 ft

Yes 1.4 3D Ready 3 6ft'
1 20 ft

Yes 1.4 3D Ready
3 6ft'
1 20 ft

Speaker Wire Yes Up to 300 Ft. Yes up to 300 ft. Yes up to 450 ft.
Equipment can be operated in closed cabinet Upgradeable Yes Yes
Can run another room of speakers Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Free Consultation Yes Click here to schedule appointment Yes Click here to schedule appointment Yes Click here to schedule appointment
Learn More More Info More Info

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